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The 37th Annual PleasureLand RV Show & Go Recap

The racing this past weekend at The 37th Annual PleasureLand RV Show & Go was even hotter than the extreme temperatures endured by the racers, their crew members, spectators, and the drag crew. The action was blistering on the dragstrip as several of the 488 entries set personal bests and on Sunday, final eliminations had some of the closest racing that has ever been seen at any Muscle Car Series Event. Congratulations go out to our winners, runners up, and number one qualifiers. Be sure to join us Labor Day Weekend as the season’s points champions will be decided at race number three of the 2023 Muscle Car Series, The GSTA Muscle Car Shootout.

Outlaw Pro Mod: Number two qualifier Chris Willemssen defeated number one qualifier Ray Friesen (3.919/187.94) when Ray’s finger slipped off the trans brake button turning on the red light, giving the automatic win to Willemssen who despite a near catastrophic transmission failure in round number one was able to make it back for round two and a bye run to the finals.

Outlaw: Number one qualifier Dave Feders (6.786/211.20 mph) ran 6.827 @ 206.64 mph to defeat the number two qualifier Wade Deslaurers’s 7.421 @ 191.73 mph.

660 OS: Number one qualifier Brian Carpenter (4.379/169.74) defeated number two qualifier Troy Bednarz with a 4.386 @ 168.96 mph to a 4.592 @ 171.60 mph.

660 LS: In one of the closest races in the Muscle Car Series history number two qualifier Wayne Bellanger used a reaction time advantage for a “holeshot” win over number one qualifier Nicole Loesch (4.846/155.24) running 5.008 @ 143.81 to her 5.001 @ 151.34, giving him the win by 1/100th of a second.

King Street: In the fastest ever side by side King Street race number one qualifier Sheldon Root (7.339/192.91) defeated number two qualifier Jason Geiger who had put his engine together and, in the car, only a day before the event then ran his personal best et & mph in the finals. Sheldon ran a 7.297 @ 195.56 to Jason’s 7.306 @ 201.19 Congrats to Jason on his first 200 mph pass!

Real Street Unlimited: The RS/U final saw number three qualifier Justin Olsen outrun the number two qualifier Jason King who after competing in The Rocky Mountain Drag Week Event which started with racing at SCRA in Great Bend Kansas, then traveling to and making passes at Kearney Raceway Park in Kearney, Nebraska, Bandimere Speedway in Morrison, Colorado, Pueblo Motorsports Park in Pueblo, Colorado, and then back to SCRA in Great Bend Kansas a total of almost 1100 miles and five track days in a weeks’ time, raced back to Minnesota after the event finished up on Friday to qualify on Saturday and race on Sunday here at BIR. Justin ran 8.007 @ 173.25 mph to Jason’s 8.235 @ 166.85 mph. Number one qualifier was Jesse Nelson, 7.847 @ 182.08 mph.

Real Street Natural: Number one qualifier David Beck (8.882/152.19) outran number two qualifier Bob Wallin, 9.000 @ 150.56 mph to 9.305 @ 144.35 mph.

SE-1: Winner, Leon Vinkemeier 10.879, dial in 10.88, reaction time .112 Runner Up, Brad Backlund 8.946, dial in 8.96, reaction time .043

SE-2: Winner, Jim Maras 13.511, dial in 13.50, reaction time .016 Runner Up, Steve Biebl, 12.275, dial in 12.22, reaction time .281

SE-3: Winner, Joe McGinty Sr. 14.343, dial in 14.15, reaction time .096 Runner Up, Bob Peterson 14.855, dial in 14.89, reaction time .025

Truck Eliminator: Winner, John Plachy 11.439, dial in 11.40 reaction time .038 Runner Up, Eric Poulurt 15.847 dial in 15.88, reaction time .042

Manual Transmission: Winner, Jeremy Reitmeier 11.292, dial in 11.10 reaction time .125 Runner Up: Thomas Dorian 15.204 dial in 14.80 reaction time .067

9.50 Index: Winner, Bill Schilling 9.545 Runner Up, Pat Huebner 9.605

10.0 Index: Winner, Joshua Norris 9.936 Runner Up, Pete Hoffman 9.920

10.5 Index: Winner, Dustin Jones 10.806 Runner Up, Gary Gauthier 10.671

11.0 Index: Winner, Russ Storms 11.134 Runner Up, Mike Simons 11.078

11.5 Index: Winner, John Plachy 11.521 Runner Up, Luke Arendts 11.611

12.0 Index: Winner, Dylan Dancer 11.964 Runner Up, TJ Tharaldson 11.932

12.5 Index: Winner, Shawn Holmquist 12.625 Runner Up, Steve Biebl Broke

13.0 Index: Winner, Kevin Hemenway Jr 13.301 Runner Up, Josh Hemenway 22.191

13.5 Index: Winner, Jim Maras 13.653 Runner Up, Shannon Halverson 13.529

14.0 Index: Winner, Dan Hyttsten 13.890 Runner Up, Kurt Laforge 13.701

Ice Cube: Winner, Dustin Jones Runner Up, Russ Storms


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