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New & News For 2024 Muscle Car Series (Street Car Showdown, Show N Go, Muscle CarShootout

2024 Muscle Car Series competitors here is a list of updates, changes, and some current series information that will be followed this season. Watch for the full 2024 racer information page on to be posted soon. if you have any questions on the rules, classes, or any tech questions please reach out to

BIR is looking forward to another horsepower filled exciting record-breaking Muscle Car Series in 2024!

Beginning January 1st, 2024, A head and neck restraint device/system meeting SFI   38.1 is mandatory for any vehicle running 150 mph or faster for 1/4 or 1/8 mile or running 7.49 (*4.49) E.T. or quicker or by Class Requirements. An SFI 38.1 head and neck restraint device can be used with, or without, a neck collar; when a neck collar is not used, an SFI 3.3 head sock or SFI Spec 3.3 skirted helmet is required.


  • Qualifying Points in “Cruise Classes” WILL NOT BE FORFEITED for not completing the cruise.

  • Additional Jackets added back in 2024 for “Fast 7” top finishers. To be eligible to earn a jacket, racers must compete at all 3 races in their respective class.

  • Outlaw Pro Mod will move to Top 3 for 2024 and will be increased to prior level of 5 if car counts continue to grow.

  • “Lakeside Cabinets & Woodworking” Outlaw, Real Street Natural, “Holmberg Motorsports” Real Street Unlimited, “Zack Novak Construction Inc.” 660 Outlaw Street, & “Norm’s Tire Sales” 660 Limited Street will move back to 5 per class and stay provided car counts remain at current levels.

  • “Everything Automotive” King Street will return to 10 jackets. 

  • Hood exit exhaust will be allowed for 4- & 6-cylinder import vehicles in King Real Street classes with the 50-pound additional weight addition provided it exits through a hole in the hood and utilizes a muffler.

  • King Street Cars that run sub 7.50 elapsed times will be EXEMPT from the working window rule provided that:

  • 1) Car is sub 7.50 certified and passes tech. 

  • 2) Driver is Advanced ET licensed 

  • 3) If a sub 7.50 pass is not made in qualifying and cruise is completed no cruise points will be awarded but will be allowed to race in King Street eliminations.       


Index Class Eliminator/ICE Cube will be switched to a .500 pro tree as  

advertised in rules, it has been incorrectly set up and run as a .400 pro tree.   


BIR implemented an oil down policy midseason 2023. This rule will be in effect for 2024. 

Oil Down Policy 

  • Test & Tune (TNT) Tech Cards for Weekend 

  • First oil down: no penalty 

  • Second oil down: loss of TNT tech card for that day. If racer wants to buy another TNT card for the same weekend, payment of $250.00 cash penalty to the race director is required prior to the purchase of a new TNT card.

  • Third oil down: Tech card will become void and no additional tech cards can be purchased for that weekend or event.

  • Event Tech Cards 

  • First oil down: no penalty 

  • Second oil down: $250.00 penalty will be paid to the race director to be eligible to continue racing that event.

  • Third oil down: disqualification from the current event (All tech cards will be void with no refunds)

Note: this applies to any event on the drag strip, including but not limited to, each Muscle Car series event (Street Car Showdown, Show N Go, Muscle Car Shootout), Bracket Race (per race day as each is a separate event), or Karmageddon. 

An “clean-up” is defined as any incident requiring the use of mechanical equipment (i.e., tractor, truck, tenant, sweeper, etc.) to clean up fluids (e.g., engine oil, gear oil, anti-freeze, transmission fluid, etc.) deposited on the track by a race vehicle (car, dragster, bike, sled, etc.). Spills or drops of fluids cleaned up by hand are not considered violations and penalties will not apply. On occasion, equipment will be used to touch up the racing surface. Such maintenance is not considered a clean-up. This policy encompasses the entire length of the “track surface”, including but not limited to the staging lanes, burnout box, starting line, racing surface and the shutdown area to the point the vehicle exits (including the turnout area if clean-up results in a delay of the race). 

The removal of objects such as blower belts or miscellaneous parts from the track surface does not constitute an “clean up”. It also does not apply to fuel, fire extinguishing systems, drive line parts (not including fluids), wheels, tires, brake systems, etc.  An oil/liquid cleanup resulting from a crash will not result in a penalty unless the accident was a result of depositing oil/liquids on the track.                                                            

  • BIR requires all cars running faster than 9.99 in the quarter mile, 6.39 in the 1/8th mile or 135 mph and faster to have a NHRA-accepted lower engine oil–retention device (diaper); A belly pan may used in lieu of a device attached to the engine. If a belly pan is used, it must extend from frame rail to frame rail and extend forward of the harmonic balancer and rearward to rear engine plate incorporating a minimum 2” lip on all sides. A non-flammable, oil-absorbent liner mandatory inside of retention device.

  • Use of engine oil containment device is highly recommended in all vehicles

Cash Payouts for ALL 7 Heads Up Classes at All Three Events!!!!!  

OTPM 1/8th Mile                     Winner  $750.00                    R/U  $250.00  

OT                                                Winner  $500.00                    R/U  $200.00  

King                                             Winner  $500.00                    R/U   $200.00     

RS/N                                            Winner  $500.00                    R/U   $200.00  

RS/U                                            Winner  $500.00                    R/U   $200.00  

LS660                                          Winner  $500.00                    R/U    $200.00  

OS660                                         Winner  $500.00                    R/U    $200.00  


Semi Finalists will receive $75.00 if 16 or more cars on round 1 ladder.  


Any competitor listed as a driver car combination in the current or 2023 BIR Bracket Drag Racing Series points program must compete in Index or heads up classes.  Double racer entries will be allowed only when we have 425 cars or less registered.   


“What does the orange cone on the starting line mean?”  

If your vehicle has street tires, you will be “coned” when you pull up to the starting line. This means that you must keep your wheels aligned with the orange cone and out the of the “groove” on the racing surface when you’re making your pass down the track. Street tires tear up the surface rubber and we want to that groove for vehicles running drag slicks/radial tires.

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