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Updates, News, and Important Changes, for the 2024 BIR Bracket Drag Racing Series

  • 2024 Bracket Series Updates, Changes, & Notes 

  • The 2024 Bracket Series will be a 10-race series June 14th-16th will be an 1/8-mile race for all classes 

  • May 3rd-5th Bracket Series Races 1 & 2  

  • May10th-12th Bracket Series Races 3 & 4 

  • May 31- June 2nd Bracket Series Races 5 & 6 *** Saturday June 1st NHRA.TV Challenge & JDRL Challenge races. All classes except Stock/SuperStock combo race for a Wally.*** 

  • Jun 14th-16th Bracket Series Races 7 & 8 ***** All CLASSES WILL BE RACING 1/8th MILE THIS WEEKEND (Including TNT) ***** *** Saturday June 15th King of the Track, class winners (except jr classes) will run off to win the King of the Track Wally ***  

  • September 20th-22nd Bracket Series Races 9 & 10 

  • ResTech Systems Super Pro, Pure X-Hale Pro ET, and DOA DragSleds & Bike will run 1/8th mile at all 10 races.  

  • Sportsman, Stock/SuperStock combo, and Trophy classes will be scheduled to run 1/4 mile at all events EXCEPT JUNE 14-16. when all classes will be 1/8th mile. 

  • All Classes will run 1/8th mile June 14-16 due to road course event restrictions 

  • Friday Test N Tune will move to a 10:00 am start time to give racers an extra hour of track time. 

  • “Last Racer Standing Bonus $$” to be added to program. $10.00 entry per class per race, 80% paid back to entered racer who goes the furthest in each class.  

  • Season Points Tabulations will be updated for 2024. Round win points will be the same at all races and will not increase at each race as in previous years. All round wins will be worth the same whether in May or September.  

  • Racers will no longer receive 100 bonus points for having an ETI performed. 

  • Staging Timeout currently set at 7 seconds will be set to 10 seconds. 

  • NHRA.TV Challenge & JDRL Challenge, June 1st, winners in all classes except S/SS combo will receive a Wally. 

  • King of the Track will be June 15th, class winners (except jr classes) will run off for a Wally.  

  • Wally’s from incomplete King of the Track, NHRA.TV Challenge, and JDRL Challenge races will no longer go to the class champions, the race will be moved to the next race date, even if race is following season.  

  • BIR reserves the right to inspect any racecar with an MSD Grid ignition system at any time during an event to retrieve data that can detect the use of an ARC module/slew rate program (e.g., MSD 7561, MSD 7761). Along with random checks, BIR officials will check all class finalists running a “Grid” with an MSD race ignition test tool. 


Beginning January 1st, 2024, A head and neck restraint device/system meeting SFI 38.1 is mandatory for any vehicle running 150 mph or faster for 1/4 or 1/8 mile or running 7.49 (*4.49) E.T. or quicker or by Class Requirements. An SFI 38.1 head and neck restraint device can be used with, or without, a neck collar; when a neck collar is not used, an SFI 3.3 head sock or SFI Spec 3.3 skirted helmet is required.


  • BIR requires all cars running 9.99 or faster in the quarter mile, 6.39 or faster in the 1/8th mile or 135 mph and faster to have a NHRA-accepted lower engine oil–retention device (diaper); A belly pan may be used in lieu of a device attached to the engine. If a belly pan is used, it must extend from frame rail to frame rail and extend forward of the harmonic balancer and rearward to rear engine plate incorporating a minimum 2” lip on all sides. A non-flammable, oil-absorbent liner mandatory inside of retention device. Does not apply to stock/superstock combo 

  • Once an ETI is completed you will not be required to bring the vehicle to tech for the remainder of the current season. 

  • All 10 races will be points earning for Stock/Superstock Combo Class 

  • DOA Dragsleds & Bike Class will have 2 qualifiers each day. 

  • We will not be dropping any races from the year end points standings 

  • There will be no attendance points for attending all 10 races 

  • Racer Payout will stay the same as in 2023 See Racer payout Tab 

  • Once "Round Robin" begins there will be a maximum of 15 minutes between rounds. The timer will begin once the final pair goes down the track.  

  • Round 1 bye will be a random pick. Subsequent bye runs will be decided by best reaction time in prior round until it becomes system generated (Ladder). Bye will be held until used, holder is eliminated, or class is laddered. 


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