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Northstar Speed Summit

JUN 7-9
SEP 6-8

NORTHSTAR SPEED SUMMIT is a turbocharged motorsports rodeo for imports and sport compact cars at BIR. It features drifting, drag racing, autocross, roll racing and open lapping on the road course. With a burnout competition following Saturday’s drag racing and night drift sessions, NORTHSTAR SPEED SUMMIT offers a full weekend of racing activities.  


Drifting The fan favorite is the drifting exhibition, where drivers navigate through a course mostly in controlled (or uncontrolled, in some cases) skids. It’s an amazing display of car control – and they make it look so easy! 

Autocross is similar in that drivers are timed as they maneuver through a cone-lined course, but they’re slower and more controlled without the skidding. 

Drag Strip Action

New Drag Racing Classes, Cash Payouts for Sport, Pro, Outlaw Classes!!!

Winners In Sport, Pro, Outlaw will receive a NHRA Speed For All WALLY at the June 8th race!!


Index Classes now open to Domestic Cars & Trucks that are either:

1) Fuel injected or

2) Run a power adder (Nitrous, Blower, Or Turbo)


On Friday the drag strip will run 12 pm-6 pm for an open test & tune session giving racers a chance to test & tune their cars in preparation of Saturdays qualifying and eliminations. Friday will also be qualifying sessions 1 & 2 for Street, Pro, & Outlaw classes with sessions scheduled for 1:00pm & 4:00pm. Saturday’s drag racing program will open with session 3 for the Street, Pro, & Outlaw classes followed by time trails for the Index & SS classes with an additional qualifying round at 12:00pm prior to eliminations.


Road Course HPDE (High Performance Driving Experience) Non-timed, open lapping for several sessions throughout the day. You will be on track with several other cars and can ONLY pass in the designated passing zones. 


TRACK ATTACK (aka Standing Start Shootout) You are at the starting line at a standstill, the starter starts the countdown, your heart and launch control are both bouncing of the limiter. GO! You have one lap and an open track all to yourself, no traffic. You will be given several chances to achieve your fastest lap, with only a few minutes between each lap so cold tires won’t be an issue. 

Triple Track Showdown (TTS) This is a combination of Drag Racing, AutoX, and Road Course. Prove that you have the skill and car that can do it all. A combined score from all three events will determine the winner of each class. 


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