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Brainerd International's Muscle Car Shootout Recap

Muscle Car Shootout, the season ending race for the Muscle Car Series was a hot one both on and off the track. With 3 days of extreme heat and temps near 100 degrees on Sunday for eliminations the championship in 5 classes decided by less than 10 points all round wins were pivotal in deciding the 2023 champions. Despite the high temps several racers were able to make personal best runs to finish the season on a high note. Congratulations to all the winners and to the season champions who will be celebrated in February at the BIR Racers Banquet.

In Zack Novak Construction Inc OS660 Troy Bednarz was the number 1 qualifier posting a 4.472 at 181.25. In the finals he bettered his qualifying time when he defeated the number 8 Qualifier Cole Carpenter with a 4.471 pass to Coles off the throttle 6.942.

Norm’s Tire LS660 number 1 qualifier was Nicky Loesch with a 4.752 @ 158.20. The Final round saw Nicky defeat the number 6 qualifier Grahm Boyd 4.929 to 5.246.

Outlaw Pro Mod number 1 qualifier was Ray Friesen with a run of 4.063 @ 184.90 mph. Ray went on to win the race posting an uncontested 4.139 pass when Chris Willemssen was unable to make the call for the final round after breaking in the semifinals.

In Lakeside Cabinets & Woodworking Outlaw the number 1 qualifier was Dave Feders who ran a personal best of 6.706 and 210.97 mph. In the finals he was defeated by the number 2 qualifier Wade Deslauriers who ran a 7.042 @ 193.29 to Dave’s 8.115 @ 152.30.

The number one qualifier in Everything Automotive King Street was Scott Miller with a 7.593 @ 188.52 mph. In the Finals Scott met up with Brain Mahnke who ran his fastest run of the weekend going 7.769 @ 184.37 mph to defeat his slowing 9.181 @ 120.78 mph.

Holmberg Motorsports Real Street Unlimited saw Jason Bergeson grab the number 1 spot with an 8.009 pass. Jason was also the winner when he was uncontested in the finals due to an on-track incident in round two which prevented Travis Larson from making it to the semifinals where he would have had a bye to the finals.

The Real Street Natural number 1 spot was David Beck with a 8.918 @ 150.40 mph. In the finals Dave defeated the number 2 qualifier Bob Wallin 9.053 to a losing 9.410.

SE/1 was won by Troy Anderson who used a reaction time advantage to defeat Brian Peterson.

SE/2 was also decided at the tree when Josh Maras was late on the tree and forced to break out giving the win to Richard Tadych.

In SE/3 a red light by Jessica Purdham gave David Hyttsten a easy win

In the Truck Eliminator final Bob Peterson used a reaction line advantage and a dead on 4 pass of 14.344 to Defeat Mark Klennert who went 14.254 on his 14.24 dial.

Paul Purham won Manual Transmission class when Tyler Riebe red lit leaving the line .036 early to give Paul the win.

9.50 Index: Winner - Bill Schilling. Runner Up - Pat Huebner.

10.0 Index: Winner – Bob Peterson. Runner Up – Joshua Norris.

10.5 Index: Winner – Mark Angier. Runner Up – Dustin Jones.

11.0 Index: Winner – Darren Kohler. Runner Up – Maynard Akkerman.

11.5 Index: Winner - Luke Arendts. Runner Up – Josh Maras.

12.0 Index: Winner – Steve Biebl. Runner Up – Nick Olson.

12.5 Index: Winner – Rich Tadych Runner Up – Brandan Hemenway

13.0 Index: Winner – Tyson Larson. Runner Up – Justin Iverson.

13.5 Index: Winner – Brandon Swanson. Runner Up – Jim Maras.

14.0 Index: Winner – Anna Tesar. Runner Up – Dan Hyttsten.

ICE Cube: Winner – Steve Biebl Runner Up – Mark Angier

2023 Muscle Car Series Champions & Runners Up.

Outlaw Pro Mod: Champion – Chris Willemssen. Runner Up – Ray Friesen.

Lakeside Cabinets & Woodworking Outlaw: Champion – Dave Feders. Runner Up Wade Deslauriers.

Zack Novak Construction Inc OS660: Champion – Troy Bednarz. Runner Up – Chris Gullikson.

Norm’s Tire LS660: Champion – Wayne Bellanger. Runner Up – Nicky Loesch.

Everything Automotive King Street: Champion – Brian Mahnke. Runner Up - Scott Miller.

Holmberg Motorsports Real Street Unlimited: Champion – Jason King. Runner Up – Justin Olsen.

Real Street Natural: Champion – David Beck. Runner Up – Bob Wallin.

SE/1: Champion – Leon Vinkemeier. Runner Up – Jake Lesnick.

SE/2: Champion – Lee Purdham. Runner Up – Jim Maras.

SE/3: Champion - Jessica Purdham. Runner Up – Jeff Lodermeier.

Truck Eliminator: Champion – John Plachy. Runner Up – Dan Hyttsten.

Manual Transmission: Champion – Jeff Danielson. Runner Up – Paul Purdham.

I.C.E CUBE: Champion – Dustin Jones. Runner Up – Dan Hyttsten.

Thank you to all of our Muscle Car Series racers, crews, families, friends, and spectators for being part of the 2023 season. Hope to see everyone at the Racer Awards Banquet in February to celebrate the Champions.


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