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Bracket Racing Series Race #5 & #6 Weekend Recap

With BMW on the road course, IWA on Lake BIR and Bracket Racing Series races number 5 & 6 on the dragstrip the action at BIR was hotter than the heat the racers and crews had to endure with the very hot & sunny weekend weather. Passing the half-way point of the season with only two more races to earn a spot on the 2023 ET finals team and four races left to decide the season champs, each and every round of racing counts. Saturday’s race included the 2023 King of the Track “Wally” race comprised of the winners of “Res Tech Systems” Super Pro, “Pure X-Hale” Pro ET, “Thunder Valley Automotive” Sportsman, “D.O.A. Drag Sleds” & Bike, Feist Automotive & Towing Stock/Super Stock Combo, Street Trophy, and Comp Trophy. Congratulations go out to Jason Hop on being our “King of the Track” and winning his first Wally when Nathan Olson broke out by one one-thousands of a second (.001). Congratulations also go out to Daniel Dancer for winning the “Andy’s Towing” Sponsored Jr. King of the Track.

Saturdays race winners were:

“Res Tech Systems” Super Pro. Jason Hop who had a .021 light running 7.782 on his 7.78 dial to beat Jeffrey Anderson who was .027 on the tree and broke out running 10.208 on his 10.25 dial in.

“Pure X-Hale” Pro ET was won by Nathan Olson who with a .002 light and 11.224 on his 11.22 dial locked out Brad Mickle with a “six pac”, who was .043 on the tree and broke out running 9.892 on his 9.92 dial.

“Thunder Valley Automotive” Sportsman saw Dan Butler use a .013 light and run 11.909 on his 11.90 dial to take the win over Shawn Carlson who was .033 and broke out running 11.796 on a 11.81 dial.

“D.O.A Dragsleds” and Bikes winner Jason Fullin was .063 and ran 9.721 on his 9.64 dial to defeat Max Niesen who had the better reaction time with a .037 but couldn’t run the number going 9.772 on his 9.66 dial.

“Feist Automotive & Towing” Stock/super Stock Combo was won by Tyler Beebe with a .031 light and running 11.790 on his 11.62 dial when Mike Thomsen went red with a -.057 light and ran 10.774 on his 10.78 dial in.

Street Trophy winner Tyler Gadacz made his way to the winner’s circle when Mike Larson red lit by two thousands of a second (.002) giving him the automatic win light.

Comp Trophy was also decided on the starting line when Todd Anderson red lit giving the win to Megan Cielinski.

Jr Street winner was Carter Luberda and the runner up was Carlee Reber.

Jr Dragster Novice was won by Walter Rustin who despite being behind on the tree was able to run closer to his dial in to defeat Hayden Hjelle

Jr Dragster Intermediate went to Kendall Micholski when Bodie Carlson red lit to give her the win.

Jr Dragster Advanced saw the win go to Daniel Dancer in a race won by .002 when he was .063 and ran 7.974 on his 7.96 dial to defeat Carter Luberda who was .066 and ran 8.063 on his 8.05 dial in.

Sunday’s points race number 6 winners were:

“Res Tech Systems” Super Pro win went to Christopher Takacs who was .036 on the tree and ran 10.753 on a 10.75 dial when Luke Schneider turned on the red light by .001 giving Christopher the easy win.

“Pure X-Hale” Pro ET Winner Brad Mickle used a .006 light and a 9.883 run on his 9.86 dial to defeat Joe Howell who despite running 8.787 on his 8.78 dial was mathematically eliminated when he had a .041 reaction time.

“Thunder Valley Automotive” Sportsman saw Dan Butler pick up his second win of the weekend running 11.893 on a 11.88 dial with a .031 light to defeat Riley Luberda who was .076 and broke out running 11.649 on his 11.67 dial in.

“D.O.A. Dragsleds” & Bike was won by Jim Paulson who was able to turn on his second final round win light this season beating Max Niesen who was in his second final round of the weekend but unable to get the W.

“Feist Automotive & Towing” Stock/Super Stock Combo was won by Glen DeMenge when Clayton Mattson was unable to make the call due to a broken car.

Comp Trophy was won by Zander Anderson who went .071 and ran 12.160 on his 12.15 dial to defeat Megan Cielinski’s .050 and break out 12.86 on her 12.89 dial in.

Street Trophy winner Mike Larson used a better reaction time to turn on his win light over Saturday’s winner Tyler Gadacz.

Jr Street saw Carter Luberda continue his dream season winning again to keep his streak intact having won all 5 races when Gabe Killian left early turning on the red-light giving

Carter the automatic win.

Jr Dragster Advanced was won by Daniel Dancer who had a .033 light and the starting line advantage to defeat Blake Neyssen

Jr Dragster Intermediate was a rematch of Saturday's race with Bodie Carlson and Kendall Micholski but this time it was Bodie getting the win when he had the starting line advantage with his .022 light.

Jr Dragster Novice was won by Hailey Dahms when Brynn Reynolds who ran a 12.208 on her 12.20 dial left early turning on the red light.

Congratulations to all of our winners & runners up and make sure to join us July 21-23 for races number 7 & 8 of the BIR Bracket Racing series.


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