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Bracket Racing Series Race #3 & #4 Weekend Recap

Bracket Racing Series Race #3 & #4 recap.

This past weekend BIR held races #3 & #4 of our 2023 Bracket Racing Series. Friday started with an open test & tune session and the day concluded with 63 racers competing in both a Gizmo & No Gizmo Jackpot Race. Congrats to Randy Merrill for winning the Gizmo class over Christopher Takacs and to Brad Mickle for beating Gary Olson in the No Gizmo final.

On Saturday, race #3 of the 10-race points series proved to be a great day of racing with the best weather we have seen so far this season. In the Res Tech Systems - Super Pro, Joe Howell earned the win over Trevor Wirtjes who had the better reaction time but lost the double breakout race when he ran 8.078 on a 8.09 dial to Joe’s 8.646 on a 8.65 dial. The Pure X-Hale - Pro ET was also a double breakout final that was won by Zack Zavadil when he ran under but closer to his dial running 9.044 on a 9.05 dial to defeat Brad Mickle who ran a 9.729 on his 9.75 dial-in. Shawn Carlson was our Thunder Valley Automotive - Sportsman winner running 11.717 on a 11.70 dial-in when Luke Schneider who had the reaction time advantage but broke out by .003 running 11.707 on his 11.71 dial.

In the D.O.A Dragsled & bikes, Ben Birr used a significant starting line advantage running 9.043 on his 8.98 dial to defeat Max Niesen. The Feist Automotive & Towing - Stock/Super Stock Combo was won by Glen DeMenge who had a .008 light and ran a 10.055 on his 10.03 dial to defeat Brad Kovisto who ran 11.193 on a 11.17 dial. Comp Trophy winner John Takacs had a .001 reaction time in the finals but didn’t need it as Shawn Holmquist went red, handing the automatic win to John. Tyler Gadacz ran 14.214 on a 14.00 dial-in with a .014 light and used his starting line advantage to take the win over Mike Larson in Street trophy. The Jr. Street Class was won by Carter Luberda when Gabe Killian, who had the starting line advantage was unable to run the number going 9.953 on a 9.87 dial to Carters 9.637 on his 9.58 dial.

In Jr. Dragster Advanced, Carlee Reber defeated Carter Luberda in his second final of the day when she ran 7.950 on a 7.92 dial with a .014 reaction time to Carters breakout run of 7.911 on his 7.95 dial. Colt Carlson won Jr. dragster Intermediate, with a .013 reaction time running 8.989 on a 8.91 to defeat Ty Reynolds who missed the tree and was mathematically eliminated. In the Jr. Dragster Novice was a double breakout final round with Hayden Hjelle who had a .003 light taking the win when he was .006 under running 11.894 on a 11.90 dial to defeat Hailey Dahms who ran 11.843 on her 11.95 dial. Saturdays Jackpot race in Gizmo, was won by Mike Campbell who defeated Nathan Olson who then redeemed himself in his second final round of the day to win the No Gizmo Jackpot by defeating Tadd Larson.

Sunday was another picture-perfect day on the dragstrip for points race #4. The final round in the Res Tech - Super Pro, saw Brad Mickle in his third final of the weekend but Ryan Athman was the winner when Brad turned on the red light with a -.015 reaction time, giving Ryan who had a .021 reaction time and ran right on his dial with a 10.670 on a 10.67 pass. The Pure X-Hale - Pro ET was also decided on the starting line when Dan Woody turned on the red light giving the win to Mike Sandstrom. Sunday’s winner in the Thunder Valley Automotive - Sportsman went to Grant Pesola who ran a 12.768 on a 12.74 dial with a .010 reaction time to beat Kyle Davis who broke out running 14.406 on his 14.42 dial-in. The D.O.A. Dragsleds & bikes winner: Mike Bolander used a .004 light, running 9.310 on a 9.28 dial to defeat Jim Paulson who broke out when he ran a 9.030 pass on a 9.04 dial-in. In the Feist Automotive & Towing - Stock/Super Stock “Birthday Boy” Brad Kovisto in his second final of the weekend was able to turn on the win light running 11.213 on his 11.21 dial to defeat Tracy Fairchild who broke out running 10.608 on his 10.62 dial.

Comp Trophy was a battle of the Holmquist brothers for the win and bragging rights when Jesse beat Shaun by using his .008 light running 11.977 on his 11.85 dial to defeat his brother who ran 12.498 on his 12.46 dial-in. In Street Trophy, Bob Kuntz Defeated Mike Larson Bob ran 14.545 on a 14.50 while Mike who was late on the tree ran a 15.159 on his 15.00 dial. In Jr. Street, Carter Luberda kept his 2023 winning streak rolling when he won his third race of the season edging out Gabe Killian who has also been in all three finals this season. The Jr. Dragster Advanced Winner, Daniel Dancer had a .020 light and ran 7.979 on his 7.97 dial to defeat Gabe Killian who in his second final of the day had the starting line advantage with his .018 light but ran a 8.144 on his 8.08 dial. Ty Reynolds in his second final of the weekend took home the Jr. Dragster Intermediate win, when he ran a 9.030 on his 9.00 dial to defeat Evan Songas who ran 9.024 on his 8.98 dial. In Jr. Dragster novice Brynn Reynolds joined her brother in the winners circle when Walter Rustin turned on the red light. Congratulations to all of our Race #3 & #4 winners who will be back in action June 2-4 for races #5 & #6 of the 2023 season.


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