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2024 Muscle Car Series - Street Car Showdown

This past weekend at BIR was the 15th Annual Street Car Showdown, the first event of the three race Muscle Car Series. After rain washed out most of Friday the Drag Crew was able to dry the track and attempted to give all racers one hit at the tree and a pass down the track. Needing about 45 more minutes to complete the session we were forced to halt racing, unable to provide a safe track with the intermittent sprinkles, wind and the cool temperature. After a bit of rain early Saturday Morning the sun appeared and stayed with us for a beautiful day of racing. All racers had three time trials or three qualifiers to get set for Sunday’s race day elimination. Several racers were able to qualify with personal best passes giving the fans quite a show, laying down some new class records and laying the groundwork for a jaw dropping day of eliminations on Sunday. Congratulations to our Number 1 qualifiers in the Fast 7 Classes.

Shooting Star Casino Outlaw Pro Mod #1 Qualifier with both Low ET and Top Speed was Ray Friesen in his 69 Camaro with a 4.290  elapsed time and a 181.28 MPH top speed. Ray Friesen was also the Shooting Star Casino Outlaw Pro Mod winner when he was able to edge out Chris Willemssen in the finals running a 4.238 @ 171.72 mph to Willemssen’s 4.323 at 168.32 mph. 

Lakeside Cabinets & Woodworking Outlaw’s number one qualifying spot went to Wade Deslauries in his 67 Camaro with his personal best run of 6.518 lifting at 1100 ft on the run. Top Speed went to Dave Feders in his 68 Chevelle at 209.92 MPH who along with Wade incurred mechanical issues during eliminations and was not able to make a round call. The winner was  Scott Schleicher in his 90 Camaro who ran 7.889 @ 174.01 MPH to defeat Mark Leasure in his 92 Eagle Talon who ran .001 faster with a 7.888 @ 185.15 but was late on the tree giving Schleicher a holeshot victory.

660 Outlaw Street Sponsored by Zack Novak Construction saw Troy Bednarz in his 17 Camaro qualify number 1 with a 4.206 at 199.05 pass to set the class records for both ET and MPH. The 660 OS win on Sunday went to Brian Carpenter in his 04 Mustang who ran a 4.320 at 170.23 mph to get the win light over Joseph Clayton who ran 4.634 at 170.15 in his 67 Camaro. 

Zack Novak was both the number 1 qualifier and top speed in Norm’s Tire Sales 660 Limited Street with a 4.682 at 164.13 pass. In Eliminations Novack in his Mustang defeated Troy Lowry in his 04 Mustang with a 4.682 at 163.51 mph pass to Lowry’s 5.284 @ 142.26 mph pass.

In Everything Automotive King Street, the #1 qualifying spot went to Jason Geiger running a 7.471 and a top speed of 196.64 The Finals Saw Geiger lined up to his long time friend Steve Carson who despite running a personal best pass of 7.495 @ 191.38 was second to the stripe when Geiger set new class records with a 7.247 at 196.64 mph pass.

Holmberg Motorsports Real Street Unlimited number 1 qualifier and top speed went to  Jesse Nelson in his 70 Chevelle posting a 7.769 at 183.37 mph pass. In eliminations Jason King in his 87 Mustang coasted to a 8.817 at 124.24 mph pass for the win when Nelson’s Chevelle broke something in the driveline just after leaving the starting line. 

Real Street Natural  2022/2023 class champion Dave Beck showed no sign of slowing in 24 with his number 1 qualifying pass of 8.780. Top speed went to Bob Wallin in his 72 Nova running 153.37 mph. The finals would see Beck defeat Wallin  running 8.754 @ 152.35 mph to a8.912 at 149.40 mph. 

Acme Tools Truck Eliminator was won by Charles Meissner who used an .011 reaction time in his 02 Blazer to defeat John Plachy who broke out running under his dial in his 97 Dakota.

Manual Transmission finalists were Chris Moorman in his 89 Mustang and Jerry Reitmeier in his 66 Chevelle SS. Moorman used a great .007 reaction time to take home the win.

In Strip Eliminator 1 Mark Schiffner in his 70 Torino also used a starting line advantage with his .014 light to defeat John Bolander in his 70 Chevelle who was late on the tree and unable to catch Schiffner.

Strip Eliminator 2 winner was Bruce Eiden in his 64 Chevy P/U. His final round opponent was Al McAloney in his 90 Camaro who turned on the red light giving Eiden the automatic win. 

Strip Eliminator 3 was an all Corvette final won by Sam Hyttsten in a 94 Corvette. He used a better starting line reaction time to beat Kurt Loftis in his 86 Corvette.  

Ice 9.5 was an easy win for Bill Schilling in his 70 Chevelle, as Rob Weyker was not able to make call for the final round in his 30 Ford Coupe.

Ice 10.0 winner was Scott Turner in his 70 Chevelle SS when Jerry Weston left before the tree activated giving the win to Turner.

In a double breakout win John Resch in his 66 Coronet saw the win light in his lane when Mark Angier in his 96 S10 went 10.435 to Resch’s 10.499 in the 10.5 Ice Class.

Ice 11.0 winner Mike Stevens used a better reaction time in his 63 Dodge to beat out Jim Maras in his 48 Nash for the win.

The final in Ice 11.5 was a close race with Daniel Dancer in his 66 Chevelle edging out Charlie Odden in his 68 Camaro overcoming a slight reaction time disadvantage to get the win by .012 at the stripe.

Ice 12.0 was won by Randy Miller in his 96 Sonoma. He used a starting line advantage to defeat Drake Schiffner in his 08 BMW 335i.

Greg Christenson in his 66 Malibu was the winner in Ice 12.5 on a double break out run with Todd Larson in his Tesla. 

Ice 13.0 was the closest race of the day when Nels Gabrielson in his 78 LeMans edged out Chris Henry in his 94 Camaro getting the win by .002 at the finish line.

Ice 13.5 was won by Dillion Preston in his newly acquired 66 Cutlass. He used a hefty starting line advantage to take the win over Angie Buhr in her 10 Challenger.

Ice 14.0 winner was Dan Hyttsten in his 87 Grand National over Jessica Purdham in her 12 Challenger RT.

In the Index Cube run off Danial Dancer lined up next to Mike Resch. Dancer in his 66 Chevelle used his .016 reaction time to force Resch in his 66 Coronet to run 10.466 on his 10.5 index breaking out and giving the win to Dancer.

Congrats to all our class winners, and those who were able to run personal best passes. We look forward to seeing everybody back for race number two of the Muscle Car Series Show N Go July 4-7th.


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