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2024 Hoffman Weber Construction Bracket Series - 7 & 8 Results

June 14th-16th weekend was Races 7 & 8 of the Hoffman Weber Construction BIR Bracket Racing Series. These races were the last chance to earn a spot on the BIR ET Finals team and heading into the final 4 races every round is critical for earning points towards winning a 2024 class championship.

Friday was an open 1/8th mile Test N Tune Day with a Gizmo & No Gizmo Jackpot race in the afternoon. In the Gizmo class Toby Giese defeated Myron Streit to take the win. No Gizmo saw Mike Casteel & Ryan Athman in the finals with Casteel coming out the victor.

Saturday’s race #7 in the series was also King of the Track where the winners of Res Tech Systems Super Pro, Track Stop Pro, Thunder Valley Classic Cars Sportsman, D.O.A. Dragsleds & Bikes, Feist Automotive & Towing Stock- Super Stock, Comp Trophy and Street Trophy are run off to determine who will be the 2024 King of the Track and take home the Wally that comes with the honor.

The Res Tech Systems Super Pro winner was Connor Smisek who took the win over Jerry Young II by a margin of 6 thousands at the stripe.

Track Stop Pro ET round 5 saw a run that all racers strive for but very few accomplish when “Cougar” Bob Ingman had a perfect run with a .000 trip zip reaction time, running a dead on 6.610 on his 6.61 dial Congrats to Bob on the feat. The final would be Owen Drake and Brad Mickle, Drake used a better reaction time with his 6.525 on a 6.52 dial to take the win.

Thunder Valley Classic Cars Sportsman finals was Joe Moriarty and Dan Butler who with a red light gave the automatic win to Moriarty.

Feist Automotive and Towing Stock-Super Stock was a double break-out win for Brad Haugaard who broke out less than Glen Demenge to get the win light.

D.O.A. Dragsleds & Bikes was also a double break-out final with Mike Bolander having a better reaction time and breaking out less than Jimmy Paulson for the win.

Comp Trophy was won by Paul Songas when Joe Moriarty Jr. who despite running a 7.466 on his 7.46 dial turned on Songas’s win light with a .018 red light.

Street Trophy was another final decided at the tree when Addie Harder red lit giving the win to Ryan Athman.

Andy Fischer was the Jr. Street Winner over Cooper Wagner who had a red light start.

The Jr. dragster Advanced class final was Colin Songas and Skylar Klassen, Songas had a .006 reaction time and saw his win light come on when Klassen left early turning on the red light.

In the Jr. Dragster Intermediate final Nickolas Olson used a better reaction time, along with running closer to his dial to lock out Bodie Carlson and turn on his win light.

The Jr Dragster Novice win went to Brooklyn Hop who despite being .010 behind on the tree was able to run closer to her dial to get the win over Braxton Haugaard.

The King of the Track run off was laddered by final round reaction times and the winners were paired up in the staging lanes when Mother Nature decided that racing was over for the day, with the ladder set the race would be moved to Sunday’s race day.

Sunday’s Race #8 Res Tech Systems Super Pro Final was Christopher Takacs and Jason Hop. Takacs used a .014 starting line advantage to force Hop to run .006 under his dial to get the win.

Track Stop Pro ET was won by Cole Casteel who used a .007 reaction time to turn on his win light over Todd Larson.

The Thunder Valley Classic Cars Sportsman finals saw Joe Moriarty use a .015 reaction time to defeat Carter Luberda who was dead late and locked out to give him his second win of the weekend.

The D.O.A Dragsleds & Bikes finals was veteran bike racer Mark Gode vs. newly licensed rider Nate Filipiak. Gode used a reaction time advantage to get the win when Filipiak broke out.

In Feist Automotive & Towing Stock/Super Stock the finals were a first as husband & wife Brad & Jami Haugaard met each other for the first time ever in competition. Jami left first and was very late giving Brad a chance to get a Father’s Day gift of his second win of the weekend but he went .003 red to give the win back to her.

In Comp Trophy Joseph Moriarty Jr. in his second final of the weekend was able to use a slight reaction time to turn on his win light this time getting the win over Jesse Holmquist.

After getting his Saturday win in street trophy by his opponent’s foul start Ryan Athman went red in Sunday’s final to give the win to Cindy Hare.

In Jr Street Ty Reynold earned his first win of the season when Annie Sletten left the line 26 thousandths of a second too soon, turning on the red light and giving the win to Reynolds.

Jr Dragster Advanced finalists were Haley Jahr and Skylar Klassen. Hailey was late but saw her win light come on when Klassen went red by 2 thousands of a second.

Bodie Carlson used a reaction time advantage with his .029 light to turn on his win light defeating Mason Jahr to win the Jr. Dragster Intermediate class.

In Jr. Dragster Novice Hayden Hjelle used his reaction time advantage coupled with a dead on 4 12.094 on his 12.09 dial to take the win over Brooklyn Hop in her second final of the weekend.

Round one of The King of the Track Race saw Mike Bolander advance to round 2 with the bye, Connor Smisek defeated Joseph Moriarty, Ryan Athman defeated Brad Haugaard, and Owen Drake defeated Paul Songas to set up round 2 of KOT. The first paring saw Connor Smisek get the win light in a double breakout race against Mike Bolander and then Owen Drake advance over a red lighting Ryan Athman setting up a final round match where Smisek was .009 to Drakes .007 and ran .019 under his dial to Owens .016 under in a double break out giving Owen the King of the Track Wally and capping a great weekend of racing.


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