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2024 Hoffman Weber Construction Bracket Series - 5 & 6 Results

This past weekend was race #5 & #6 of the 2024 Hoffman Weber Construction BIR Bracket Racing Series. Friday was a Test N Tune day with afternoon Jackpot Races. Congrats to Friday's winners, Gary Olson who defeated Ryan Athman in the No Gizmo class and Randy Merrill who took the win over Keith Johnson in the Gizmo class.

Saturday was the NHRA.TV & JDRL Challenge Day awarding a “Wally” to The winners in all of our classes minus our Stock Super-Stock combo class. With perfect racing weather and a lower-than-average car count we were even able to fit in a Jr. Dragster Consolation race and a couple of Jackpots. Congrats to all of Race #5 winners.

Res Tech Systems Super Pro NHRA.TV Wally was won by Jerry Young Sr. who used a .006 reaction time and a 5.447 pass on a 5.44 dial to give him a .013 package which all but locked out Steve Roehrs who with a .013 reaction time broke out running 6.590 on his 6.61 dial.

The Track Stop Pro ET Wally winner was Christopher Takacs in his 73 Camaro over Luke Schneider in his 67 Nova SS who took the strip by more than the .001 that Takacs gave him to work with and broke out.

Thunder Valley Classic Cars Sportsman saw Joe Moriarty in his 68 Cutlass win the NHRA.TV Wally by defeating Carter Luberda in his 68 Chevelle in a double breakout win.

D.O.A Dragsled’s & Bikes Wally winner Kyle Lundberg returned to the track on his 2012 Hayabusa for his first race in several years and showed the class that he still knows how to get it done. He used a .015 reaction time to Force Mike Bolander on his 80 Kawasaki to take the strip, breaking out by .006.

In Feist Automotive & Towing Stock/SuperStock Brad Haugaard driving his 72 Demon defeated third generation racer Paige Findell in the families 73 Cuda who turned on the redlight giving Haugaard the automatic win.

Shaun Holmquist received the NHRA.TV Wally in Comp Trophy piloting his 97 Corvette to a victory over a redlighting Hailey Hare in her 94 Camaro.

In another red-light victory Ryan Athman in a 22 Odyssey picked up the Street Trophy Wally when Triston Zimmerman in his 76 vega left before the green, turning on Athman’s win light.

The Jr. Street JDRL Challenge Wally went to Hudson Wirtjes in his 91 Firebird when despite having the better reaction time Andy Fischer in his 23 Sonic ran under his dial breaking out giving Fischer the win.

In Jr. Dragster Advanced the JDRL Wally went to Ty Reynolds. Both Reynolds driving a car borrowed from his younger brother Blair and his final round opponent Hailey Jahr turned on the red light, but Ty’s .002 red was the lesser of the two fouls giving him the win.

The Jr. Dragster Intermediate JDRL Challenge Wally was going home to Elbow Lake MN, with the Carlson Bros. Racing team of Bodie & Colt reaching the finals. With both cars dialed in at 8.90, Bodie used a starting line advantage to take the victory running 8.918 to Colts 8.919.

In Jr. Dragster Novice Brooklyn Hop used a .024 reaction time to take the win and the Wally from Hayden Hjelle who was late on the tree and unable to get to the stripe first. Kendall Micholski was the Jr. Consolation winner.

In Jackpot racing Randy Merrill pulled a double up winning his second Gizmo Jackpot race of the weekend. Brian Johnson was our Saturday No Gizmo Jackpot winner.

Sunday was race #6 in the Hoffman Weber Construction BIR Bracket Series. Another great day of racing was in store with the points battles heating and ½ of the season’s races completed coming into race day.

Res Tech Systems Super Pro finals started tight when both Dan Gilgosch in his 63 Corvette Roadster and Travis Wirtjes in his First Gen Camaro both hit the tree with .016 lights. Gilgosch turned on the win light in his lane running closer to his dial to score the victory.

Luke Schneider in his second final round of the weekend, this time in Track Stop Pro ET was able to turn on his win light. He used a better reaction time and ran closer to his dial to defeat Shawn Carlson.

Thunder Valley Classic Cars Sportsman was won by Jerry Hieb in his 74 Camaro when Vickie Unger in her 67 Barracuda left the starting line early turning on the red light giving Hieb the automatic win.

In D.O.A Dragsleds & Bikes Jimmy Paulson on his 13 Clampitt used a very slight starting line advantage to turn on his win light, defeating Mark Gode who on his 01 Suzuki was not able to run the number giving Paulson the win.

The Feist Automotive & Towing Stock/SuperStock final saw Brad Haugaard in his 72 Demon pick up his second win in as many days when BIR’s 2023 Joe Angelo Sportsmanship Award recipient Ron Zenzen driving a 87 Camaro borrowed from his son Brian, who with his National Guard Unit is currently deployed in Kuwait turned on the red light by .005. We all want to thank you for your service, Brian, and await your safe return home!!

Shaun Holmquist also in his second final of the weekend in Comp Trophy turned on the win light again when Morgan Keskey who this weekend was racing for the first time made it to the finals but was late on the tree and unable to get by Holmquist.

Street Trophy was won by Addie Harder in an 18 Chevrolet 1500 she used a .015 reaction time to turn on her win light over Triston Zimmerman in his 76 Vega.

Jr Street was won by Andy Fischer who used a reaction time advantage in his second final of the weekend to take the win in his 23 Sonic over BIR newcomer Annie Sletten racing her 09 BMW to the finals her first race weekend here at Brainerd International Raceway.

The Jr. Dragster Advanced finals saw Hailey Jahr take the trophy in her second final of the weekend when Skylar Klassen went .001 red, turning on Jahr’s win light.

Evan Songas overcame Brynn Reynold’s slight reaction time advantage when he ran closer to his dial to get the win in Jr. Dragster Intermediate. Jr. Dragster Novice was a rematch of Saturday's match up between Brooklyn Hop and Hayden Hjelle with Hayden getting the win this time when Brooklyn left early, turning on the red to give Hjelle the win.

Congratulations to all of this weekend’s race winners.

The Hoffman Weber Construction Bracket Racing Series at BIR will be back in action in less than 2 weeks June 14th-16th for races #7 & #8 which will be 1/8th mile for all classes including Friday’s Test N Tune with MotoAmerica racing on BIR’S competition road course.

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