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2024 Hoffman Weber Construction Bracket Series - 3 & 4 Results

The 2024 Hoffman Weber Construction BIR Bracket Racing Series was on the dragstrip this past weekend for Races # 3 & 4 this past weekend. Friday’s Test & Tune and Jackpot saw a few interruptions due to some rain showers, but the BIR Drag Crew fought back and were able to complete both Jackpot races just before dark. Congrats to Nathan Olson for winning No Gizmo Jackpot beating Christpher Takacs in the final and Owen Drake who claimed the win in Gizmo Jackpot over Ron Wirtjes.

Saturday morning brought us a beautiful sun filled race day with over 300 cars on track for competition, licensing, and testing for race number 3. Congratulations to all of race number 3 winners.

The final In Res Tech Systems Super Pro was won by Brad Mickle in his 67 Mustang, Mickle cut a .009 light and ran 6.291 on his 6.29 dial locking out Steve Brings in his 64 Falcon who also ran a dead on 2 pass but was late on the tree and mathematically unable to win.

Track Stop Pro ET saw Travis Hjelle in his 64 Nova receive an easy win when Dave Hamilton in his 70 Firebird turned on the red light to throw away a 6.279 pass on a 6.27 dial.

The win in Thunder Valley Classic Cars went to Dan Bulter in his 70 Camaro who used a reaction time advantage and ran 11.847 on his 11.84 dial to edge out Rory Emmans in his 68 Caprice.

In the Feist Automotive & Towing Stock/Super Stock combo, races 3 & 4 where the Line Performance Midwest Class Racer $2000.00 to win races. The final round saw John McLaughlin in his 4 speed 70 Road Runner use a starting line advantage to push out BIR’s Fire Rescue team member Dave (Big Deal) Szymanski in his 96 Camaro who broke out by .006 trying to get to the stripe first.

D.O.A Dragsleds & Bikes was won by Jason Clampitt on his 96 Kawasaki. Clampitt in his first race at BIR after a five year hiatus was able to overcome Ben Birr on his Suzuki who wasn’t able to use his slight starting line advantage when Clampitt was able to run closer to his dial to turn on his win light.

Comp Trophy was won by Carl Reineccius in his 65 Dart, with his .006 reaction time he was able to force Mike Bowman in his 09 G8 who was late on the tree to run under his dial in breaking out and giving the win to Carl.

Street Trophy Winner Tyler Gadacz was able to turn on his win light over Ryan Leonard when he was able to overcome a starting line disadvantage by running closer to his dial-in.

Race #3 in Jr. Street went to Cooper Wagner in his 22 Odyssey who used a .014 reaction time to defeat Ty Reynolds in his 05 Silverado.

Jr. Dragster Advanced saw Ty Reynolds in his second final of the day and with a .004 reaction time took the win over Colin Songas who left the starting line .015 before the green turned on the red and gave Reynolds the win.

In the Jr. Dragster Intermediate class Evan Songas defeated Kendall Micholski who despite running closer to her dial was second to the stripe due to Songas having a starting line advantage.

The Jr. Dragster Novice class winner was Hayden Hjelle who used his starting line advantage to force Brooklyn Hop break-out trying to take the win.

Sunday was another picture perfect race day with almost 300 cars ready to compete for trophies, checks, and points in race number 4 of the Hoffman Weber BIR Bracket racing Series.

The Res Tech Systems Super Pro winner was Brenden Bungert in his 86 Cutlass. Bungert had a .008 reaction time and ran a dead-on 06.530 on his 6.53 dial in for a very tough to beat 8 pack which was not needed as Myron Streit in his 68 Camaro fouled out turning on the red light by 12 thousands of a second.

Track stop pro ET was won by Nick Engler in his 69 Coronet when he used a .003 reaction time and ran 6.157 on his 6.15 dial-in tossing a 10 pack at Nathan Olson in his 79 Camaro who despite a decent .014 light had to break out running 7.250 on his 7.26 to get to the stripe first.

Thunder Valley Classic Cars Sportsman Winner Luke Schneider got the win in his 67 Nova SS when Samantha Cielinski left the starting line too early in her 10 Camaro turning on the red light giving the win to Luke.

Race day two of the Feist Automotive & Towing Stock Super Stock Combo MCR Race Presented by Line Performance went to Brett Speer in his 90 Camaro when Larry Deforrest in his 10 Mustang went red turning-on Speer’s win light.

D.O.A. Dragsleds & Bikes final round saw Jason Clampitt on his 96 Kawasaki once again claim the win when Brooke Neyssen on her Ski-Doo was a bit too anxious on the line and turned on the red light giving Clampitt his second win in as many days.

Comp Trophy was won by Jeremy Poissant in his 70 Camaro. His opponent was Joseph Moriarty Jr in a 68 Cutlass. Both drivers turned on the reds but Poissant’s .-009 was the lesser of the two fouls giving him the win.

Keith Larson in a 72 Camaro was the winner in Street Trophy over Trevor Jelinski in a 14 Escape who went red to give the W to Larson.

In Jr. Street Andy Fischer in a 23 Sonic used his .007 reaction time to defeat Ty Reynolds who was in his 3rd final of the weekend.

Hailey Jahr picked up the win in Jr. Dragster Advanced when her opponent Skylar Klassen fouled out, turning on her red light with a -.004-reaction time.

The Jr. Dragster Intermediate final saw Evan Songas get the win over Bodie Carlson whose car had to go through an engine swap after breaking on Saturday to make the race on Sunday. The victory gave Songas a double-up weekend.

Jr. Dragster Novice also saw a weekend double up when Hayden Hjelle defeated Jaxon Wilczek who luckily was able to make the final round after suffering a steering failure incident in the prior round.

The Hoffman Weber Construction BIR Bracket Racing Series will continue its 2024 season with races 5 & 6 May 31st-June 2nd. Hope to see everyone back for another racing weekend then.


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Congratulations to all the winners, especially Brad Mickle with his impressive reaction fnf go time and Dan Bulter's close victory.


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