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2024 Hoffman Weber Construction Bracket Series - 1 & 2 Results

This past weekend saw the start of the 2024 Hoffman Weber Construction BIR Bracket Racing Series 10 race season. Friday’s test day started a little late due to the cold and wet racetrack but by late morning we had our first cars on track to break in our new burnout boxes and freshly ground and prepped starting line. Along with 20 cars having their chassis certified by Jim Bongard we had several racers making the necessary runs to receive or upgrade their competition licenses. Friday’s race activities including both the Gizmo & No Gizmo Jackpot races were cut short due to an early evening rain shower ending track time.

Saturday morning saw the rain let up and we were able to get Race #1 underway. Early afternoon rain brought another halt to the action but after drying & re-prepping the track we were back underway. We were able to complete several classes before cold and darkness necessitated calling the race complete. Saturday’s final round results for those classes that were completed are as follows: D.O.A. Dragsleds & Bike – Brad Harder on his Kawasaki Ninja got the win as Jimmy Paulson was a little quick on the tree with a .-005 red light turning on the win light for Harder.

The Feist Automotive & Towing Stock/Super Stock final between Jason Deforrest & Lance Line was also decided on the starting line as Line had issues staging  the C/S Mustang that had belonged to Lynn Johnson and rolled through the beams handing Deforrest the win who put up a .013 pack just to show he was ready to race with his .010 light and running 8.933 on his 8.93 dial.

Street Trophy saw Jim Stockton in his 2016 Durango take the win over Cody Huot in his 86 Monte Carlo who was mathematically eliminated when Stockton used a .003 reaction to break out by less than Huot who was late on the tree and ran over .2 under his dial.

In Jr. Dragster Novice Hayden Hjelle took the win over a red lighting Braxton Haugaard.

Jr. Dragster Advanced saw Colin Songas take the win over Skylar Klassen, both drives dialed in at 7.96, Songas was .009 better on the tree and was able to run closer to the heads up dial to get the W.

The only other class that was completed for Race #1 of 2024 was Jr. Street. The final featured two newly licensed drivers Cooper Wagnor & Ty Reynolds. Wagner was able to run closer to his dial and had a better reaction time to win his first race as a Jr. Street racer.  

Sunday greeted us with picture perfect weather and very tight racing in all 11 Hoffman Weber Construction Bracket Series classes. Your race #2 of the 10 race Hoffman Weber Construction BIR Bracket Racing Series winners are as follows.

In Comp Trophy Joe Moriarty Jr. saw his win light come on at the finish line despite his opponent Shaun Holmquist cutting a perfect .000 light. Shaun was unable to capitalize on his starting line advantage when broke out running faster than his 12.15 dial in giving the win to Joe Jr.

The Street Trophy final was also a break-out loss for Triston Zimmerman who despite having a .004 reaction time  ran under his dial in giving the win to Mike Larson .

Trent Fisher was our Jr. Street winner when Ty Reynolds turned on the red light leaving .023 before the green giving the automatic win to Fisher.

Brooklyn Hop scored the win in Jr. Dragster Novice over Jaxon Wilczek who red lighted giving her the race #2 trophy.

The Jr. Dragster Intermediate class final was a family affair with the Carlson Bros racing team of Bodie & Colt matching up for the race #2 trophy & points . Bodie used a very slight starting line advantage and ran closer to his dial in to take the win over Colt.

Jr. Dragster Advanced race #2 winner Hailey Jahr used her .001 reaction time to force her opponent Skylar Klassen to run under her dial and break out, giving the win to Jahr.

The win in D.O.A Dragsleds & Bikes went to Donnie Durenberger in a double breakout race against Tom Killian, Durenberger had a better reaction time and was less under his dial than Killian to take the win.

Sunday’s race in Feist Automotive & Towing Stock/Super Stock combo saw Jason Deforrest in the finals for the second day in a row. His opponent this time was Nick Bredemus who like Deforrest’s opponent on Saturday turned on the red light fouling out and giving Jason his second win in as many days.

The Track Stop Pro ET final between Joe Howell and Dave Engler win went to Joe Howell as Engler also red lit giving Howell the win

Jim Higgins in his new Mullis dragster and Jordan Pratt were the Res Tech Systems Super Pro finalists and it was a chaotic race. Pratt left the line first and when Higgin’s let go of the button his dragster darted to the centerline with a leak that put fluid under his tires and all the way down track as he tried to catch Pratt who then broke out by .005 but was awarded the win when it was determined that Higgins did cross the centerline.

After a lengthy wait for the oil down clean up the final race of the day was the Thunder Valley Classic Cars Sportsman final between Rory Emmans and Luke Schneider. Emmans used a .007 light to get to the stripe first and take the win to wrap of race #2.

The 2024 Hoffman Weber Construction Bracket Racing Series at BIR will be back in on track again this upcoming weekend May 10th-12th for races #3 & 4. 


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An early evening rain shower ended track time on Friday, thus the Gizmo & No Gizmo Jackpot races were cancelled. geometry dash


Ann Green
Ann Green
May 13

Great! One of the best matches I' ve ever seen. I'm a fan of Jim Higgins, he did very well in the race with his cool Mullis. happy wheels

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